Sunday, 25 June 2017

Abba Date - 26th June 1976

Today in 1976 Abba's "Abba" album re-entered the Billboard chart in America where it stayed for 12 weeks - the album had originally charted in November of the previous year where it spent 3 weeks peaking at number 174...

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Photo Shoot

One of the images from this 1975 Abba photo shoot was used on the cover of the compilation "Abba Collected"...

25th June 2011

On the 25th June 2011 the triple CD compilation "Abba Collected" entered the charts in the Netherlands where it reached number 18 staying in the charts for 15 weeks...

Photo Shoot

Abba photo shoot from 1976....

Friday, 23 June 2017

Bjorn Poster

Issue 19 of the International Abba Magazine from June 1983 included this poster of Bjorn...

Abba Magazine

Issue 19 of the International Abba Magazine was published in June 1983 and featured a picture of Frida on the front cover and Agnetha (with Mike Chapman) on the back.

The editorial section included the following updates -

  • "Here We'll Stay" would be issued as Frida's next single
  • Frida had re-recorded the vocals removing Phil Collins from the track
  • Recording of Agnetha's solo album was in progress
  • Frida had composed five tracks for her next solo album

The magazine started with pictures of Agnetha recording her solo album and confirmed that the title would be "Wrap Your Arms Around Me". The article also included the titles of all of the album tracks including "Can't Shake Loose" which was written by Russ Ballard who wrote Frida's single "I Know There's Something Going On".

The next article was titled "Abba The Movie - The Story" which includes images from the film as well as a description of the story of the DJ attempting to interview the group during their visit to Australia.

The last major article includes a chart from Australia showing the all time Top 40 in which Abba were at number 1 with "Fernando", 3 with "Mamma Mia" and 25 with "S.O.S".

Lastly the magazine included an interesting quote from Bjorn ; "If there's one thing that haunts me in this business, it is that one day we will all be in our fifties and people will still be calling us Abba"....